Missing the Royal armor

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Region: [EU]

Greetings conan support,

I need help i have a problem thats is : I’ve not received the Royal Armor while i have pre orded conan exciles. First it diddnt bother me much but now i am here playin for a long time i feel like i miss it. I have all the dlc exept this one to feel that im a veteran player. Is there a chance that i still can get my royal armor?
Im playing on the playstation 4 EU official server


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Receive the Royal Armor code for ps4 europe

Hello @Magica, thank you for reaching out!

Did you pre-order a digital or physical copy of the game?

Can you confirm that you’re unable to spawn it through the admin panel in a single player session?

If you’re able to spawn it through the admin panel there should be no issue with your DLC License and you may craft it through your inventory crafting menu ( not the crafting benches ).

If not, please try to use the Restore Licenses functionality of the PS4.

Thank you for the quick response,
I pre order digital, i dont see it on spawn on single player or at my recipe hand crafting. I restore licence but still it is not poppin up.

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