Cant craft Royal Armor

i pre-order the game and i still dont have acces to royal armor even in admin mode on my server and i own every dlc
my friend to me he was pre-order bonus
hes europeen and im canadian is it available in canada and how can i have acces to it
thx for the futur answer

Hello @nashhall, thank you for reaching out!

Can you confirm that you’re unable to spawn it through the admin panel?

If you’re able to spawn it through the admin panel there should be no issue with your DLC License and you may craft it through your inventory crafting menu ( not the crafting benches ).

If not, please try to use the Restore Licenses functionality of the PS4.

Did you preorder the digital or the hard copy?
Do you have the Atlantean Sword?

The Royal Armour was the reward for the digital copy pre-order.
The Atlantean Sword was reward for the hard copy pre-order.

i pre-order digital
both are not available for me

just retore lincenses and it doesnt work
in admin panel they always say failed to spawn

In your Steam Library on the Conan exiles Page, on the lower right side you might need to scroll down, there is a box that says (Manage my DLC) open this window to see if the Royal Armour is checked?

I only ask because mine was unchecked and I had to check it for it to download.

im on ps4 not cpu

dont think theres an option like this for ps4

We’ll reach out to you through PM to provide further assistance.

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