Atlantean Sword not showing up in my Hand Crafted menu or Bench menus

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Have access to crafting Iron and Starmetal versions of Atlantean Sword by having purchased prerelease physical collector copy of Conan: Exiles.
2.Be of appropriate level to craft item. My character is level 60…so very qualified.
3.Open Hand Crafted menu
4.Be disappointed to not see it there.
5.Open Blacksmith menu to see if it was moved there…and be further disappointed.
6.Theorize that with the new update to crafted items, this exclusive is not showing up.

I am the original and only owner of this copy of the physical prerelease of Conan: Exiles so this is not an issue of having bought it second hand.

I know it’s not a ‘meta’ weapon but it means a lot to me as it was one of the selling points for getting the physical prerelease collectors edition.


Hello mate

I am also a buyer of the physical disc and have experienced the same problem with missing the Atlantean sword and Kings Armor from my personal menu.

I was considering returning to the code menu In PlayStation Store to retype it in, do you think that will restore it??

What are your thoughts??


You will find it on the last weapon blacksmith desk , and the same for the armor, on the last armorer desk

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I saw the sword yesterday .came with the disc. How did you get the armor allso?

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I pre-ordered Conan Exiles (that’s where the Royal Armour is from) and I bought the physical copy (which is where the Atlantean Sword is from)

The two DLC’s are now crafted on the proper benches.

Royal Armour = Armour Bench
Atlantean Sword = Blacksmith Bench


Thanks I know I have Sword will have to check on armor I may have seen it yesterday in bench not knowing what it was.

I tried that. PS Store just says the code was already redeemed. I tried restoring my liscenses ans downloading a backup of my savefile too.

I will look. I only checked the old benches.

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Yes. It is on newer benches. Only see a starmetal version but that is fine. Thank you all.


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