Thanks Funcom I received the royal armor

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]

Region: [Spain]

I received the royal armor of conan right now in the Xbox Message.
Well Done guys o/

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how i can receive royal armour? i bought the game in preview

Hi there,

@BlackIronSnake I am glad to hear it finally arrived!

@Lilianne The codes are being distributed by Microsoft through an message sent to your account. Microsoft are the ones who are distributing them and you will receive your code as soon as they are able to send them. Thank you for your patience.

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I had mine received as a dlc, maybe check your recent updates?

Will I get the Royal armor if a friend purchased and gifted the game to me during early access?? (Back in December on Xbox) If so I have not yet received the code for it yet.

Redeemed my code on my phone but it didn’t show up on my xbox. Did I mess up? Please help

If it does not appear on xbox or recent installations, select Conan Exiles, click the menu button and click Manage Application.

There if it has not been installed, it should appear in “Ready to install”

You install it and the conan armor package you can do it by hand, in the inventory of character objects.

got it!! Thanks

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