[XBox] No Royal Armor, maybe because it was gifted?

Hi! So, I’ve been enjoying the game a lot so far, but a couple of people that I’ve been playing with since early access both got the preorder royal armor bonus, but I have not. I’m guessing it’s becuase the game was gifted to me from my friend as opposed to me buying it myself. Does this exempt me from getting the armor or can I still get it? I’ve check my messages from XBox Live which is where my friends got it, but it doesn’t appear there.

Thank you for your time.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, Funcom does not manage any accounts that purchased Conan Exiles as all the information is controlled through Xbox. To receive more assistance in regards to this issue, please contact Xbox Customer Support.

Thank you for your time and pointing me in the right direction!

check your xbox messages thats where mine was, it was a code

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