Conan armor code

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Still waiting on my code for the conan armor. Been playing the game for months now. Was in the preview for a while. These codes still being rolled out to Xbox players?

(Update) so take it this is currently beimg overlooked for other update reasons.

also game preview byer here waiting since release for that royal armor code. can we finally get it soon ? any news ? its getting ridiculous

The code isnt Funcom. It comes from microsoft.

Check your inbox

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i check my inbox daily

Ask microsoft they supply the code

thats funcoms job, not my

So I dont know if this helps but I redeemed the game back on December 17th and have not received a code either. Microsoft has pointed the finger at Funcom and Funcom back at Microsoft. The part of this that might be of help is that despite me redeeming the game well before it left “Game preview” on Xbox the license for the game on my account does not reflect a “day one” version but rather standard. Microsoft indicated this is why I have not received the content and that Funcom will have to fix it. However Funcom has insisted it has no ability to manage my xbox account and that Microsoft needs to fix it. This makes more sense as I wouldn’t want any publisher to be able to manage my account. In any case I hope a moderator sees this and can forward this info on as I think this issue is a licensing problem that Funcom needs to address with Microsoft. It would seem that many of us did not have the correct game license applied to our account and thus didn’t get the Conan royal armor DLC

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If its a date thing I am sure Microsoft has the dates we all purchased the game. Perhaps Funcom can tell Microsoft that anyone that purchased Conan Exiles before the release date should get the code

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They do. Microsoft was able to confirm I redeemed the game on December 17th. My friend purchased the game within mins of me and had no issue receiving the code. However we show different licences for the game. His is a “day one” licence and mine is a “standard” licence. So I do not think its a 'date" thing. I think after everything I have gone through and been told that a lot of us via some artifact of the purchase system were not given the correct license for the game. If that’s the case than its clearly Microsoft’s fault. However Funcom needs to look into this an ensure that Microsoft addresses this.

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thx alot, thats indeed the most useful information i got since release about that issue.the way you describe it, months will pass till they clarify who is responsible to do what, its just not worth it anymore

I got mine last night. It was in update. I had to go to manage game look for update. After search it showed up it’s a small download. After downloading I was able to build the armor. It wasn’t what I expected I don’t even use it. It looks like crap. I was disappointed I expected something cooler. Would have been better with a helm and pants it looks like Roman armor with a headband. Trust me you will wear something different.

I’ll more than likely end up wearing other armor. For me though it’s the nostalgia of having it still. Plus the fact that I bought the game during the preview phase and have been not given my code yet while so many others have is disappointing. Maybe I’ll get an official response at some point.

Or maybe they won’t.

Funcom! Get it together! I want my conan armor!

for a normal person that seems to be the most logical approach to provide the code to ppl that didnt receive the code and bought the game in preview. but well, since, from what i read on other posts, it seems to be like @Kcchevyz71 stated a license problem, who knows how long it will take till funcom and microsoft stop to point the finger at each other and provide us with that code, its very dissapointing and i sure will not spend any money on dlcs till i get it

Spent about an hour in chat with the Microsoft person today…ultimately I was told he was “escalating” the matter to the experts and was told they will call me between today and tomorrow. Basically I don’t think he had the authority or clearance to give me my code. Let’s hope to hear something at some point.

crossing fingers that they get their s— done

It’s July 19th and this was still not resolved. My current situation won’t even let me load the game. Think it might be a Microsoft issue with live. I’m losing faith. Not so much in the game but in microcraps service. Disappointment…tis life I guess. Farewell my fellow barbarians.

August 2nd…all hope abandoned.

Oct 20th update: Microsoft told me to contact the game developers. Lol