Missing exclusive armor PLEASE READ

Posted this a LONG time ago and still haven’t gotten anything also checked admin panel and see nothing. I have a digital copy of the game.

My buddy and I played Conan back when it was on Xbox preview since day 1 and we never got our exclusive armor and sword. We’ve sent many inquiries about this to Xbox and they said contact you guy which I did and never heard back.

Hello @Ghost_mech, we’ve replied to your post but you never got back to us:

The Atlantean Sword was only available with the physical copy pre-order while the Royal Armor was available with the digital pre-order.

In both cases you need to redeem a code as the item is not automatically unlocked for either version.

As you’ve bought the digital version on the XBOX, the code for the armor was sent through the XBOX Live Messages system, did you verify your inbox?

I bought the game digitally on Xbox during the preview when it first came out and I never got a code for the armor in my Xbox messages and I called Xbox to see what’s up and they said it was done all through the developer and they closed my case

Please help :frowning:

I played Conan exiles during EA and received the code for the royal armor in you message section on your Xbox the code appeared at the bottom of your chat messages section where it says “Messages from Xbox Live” but the was a long time not sure it would still be there (hopefully the messages don’t delete after a certain amount of time) but if you received one it should still be there if you didn’t then funcom would have to help you with that

I owned the game for 9 months before I got my code. I had to private message @Jens_Erik and show proof of purchase before I could get mine. As long as you can show your proof of purchase with the date you bought the game they can get you a code.

l can prove it im Waiting for a mod to reply on here

The moderator did reply up above @Hugo

Click on this @Hugo and send him a message

We’ll reach out to you privately to ask for further information regarding this matter.