Where’s my Royale armor [Xbox]

No one is responding to me about this issue I will be calling the company in Oslo from the states in under two hours I pre ordered the digital version for the armor I also pre ordered the collectors edition and picked it up yesterday For the sword. I spent around $137.00 on Conan Exiles. I understand a lot of the issues you guys are having and I am a huge fan and supporter of this game I just want what I was promised and what I paid for

hope they get off their buts and fix this my friend and I both bought the ea on xbox and still havent got the armor

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We are aware of the issues regarding the preorder bonuses for the XBox version of Conan Exiles. Microsoft is working on it and we have been told that it will be distributed to players by early next week.

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but I have a party to go to and I have nothing to wear.


Another thing I wanted to suggest is to make sure that you’ve checked the XBox Collector’s Edition Box for the Atlantean Sword code. It should be printed on a tiny piece of paper, and you will need to register that key to your account.

Yes I have the sword that wasn’t a problem it’s just the armor

Well then at least what are the gradients so I can gather that stuff and have it ready for when I do you have access to the armor

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