Digital bonus not appearing?

I am on Xbox One and have had early access for a fairly long time now downloaded a patch a while ago 44.44GB. I can play the game in single play but…no pre-order bonus Armor nothing.


I have the same issue, and also played preview for some time.

Sorry to hear of the trouble. Can you give us a screenshot showing the armor not appearing in your crafting recipes? Thanks so much.

I can’t find it anywhere…

are you looking in the armour bench or in your regular inventory? (Like where you’d craft walls and the like)

I checked all my inventory, crafting items, and armor bench. Nada

same here cant find

Same here, no Royal Armor unlocked for me. its not in my DLCs on Steam. And i have barbarian edition since 31st Jan 2017.

Very sorry for the inconvenience everyone. This issue is being worked on. Please keep an eye out for more information in the days ahead.

Same, I’m on Xbox and have had the game preview since it came out, but no armour, and no code.

I didn’t receive mine as well and I had the game on xbox for awhile now.

Also on Xbox since preview, also missing the armour.

same here, no royal armor recipe on my former game preview

Thank you. Will this thread stay open until issue is resolved?

I’ll keep it open, and we’ll get everyone updated as soon as we can.

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No royal armor and I’ve had the game since Xbox preview

I bought the game preview and the collectors edition but have not received conans royal armor

The Xbox pre-order bonuses are delayed slightly. It’s our understanding that Microsoft will be delivering a code to players who are eligible within a week. We don’t yet have specifics, and if anything special is required on your end, we’ll post here on the forums letting you know what to do.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the delay!

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Thank you for the response, love the game so far

Thank you Nossos