Digital bonus not appearing?

What about the Steam version for PC?

Nothing for that?

Has there been any news yet

Any news on the royal armour? It’s a bit of a shambles really

I’d really be shocked if we get it at this point.

i got the code for my armor, check your xbox live messages.

As requested previously, any update on this issue?

At this point, it is up to Microsoft to distribute the codes. They were supposed to be distributed by now but this has become delayed. I do not anymore information or a time frame for when the code will be distributed at this time.

Again, Thank you for your patience and understanding as the issue is being resolved.

Up to Microsoft? Isn’t this your product? Isn’t this your promotion? Maybe some vendor meetings need to happen on your side with Microsoft. I can’t tell my mortgage company to talk to my employeer to get thier money. Don’t pass the buck, own it, it is yours.

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