Early Access Dlc

So I got this game in early access when it first came out day one back in preview days on xbox one. Werent we supposed to get some type of cosmetic dlc or outfit or something? I never got anything and am wondering why.

You should have a recipe for “Kings Armor” or some kind of sword.
Not to be found in the workbench but “on person” - craftable like linen gear.

Unfortunately I do not have said armor to craft how is it that I get it was I supposed to get a code?

Hi, im not sure but, maybe on your steam account? You would have got the Royal Armor

Im on xbox was this only for pc players?

It was for any digital copy, PC and XBox, if purchased before release date, May 8 :slight_smile:

Im on PS4, i don’t have a steam acc. I remember op asking about this months ago, maybe you could message one of the devs, and get a better answer? Top of the page Dev Tracker :slight_smile:

I have no idea how to do That lol

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Hi there,

You should have received the Royal Armor if you had purchased the game while it was in Early Access. There was then an error that prevented these codes from being sent out properly. You should have been sent a code from Microsoft in your Xbox Live Message Inbox containing the code for the Royal armor. If you did not, please contact Microsoft Customer Support as they are the ones who distribute the codes as we do not have access to your Xbox Live account information.

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