[PC] No Royal Armour?

Just learned that those of us that bought the game during Early Access are supposed to be able to craft Royal Armour, but it’s not appearing in any of the crafting menus for me, nor have I received the DLC for it. I’ve had the game on Steam for quite some time. Any idea what’s going on or how to fix the issue so that it appears as it should?

This is apparently impacting some people where the DLC isn’t working. As of 4 days ago they were apparently working on a fix. I don’t know about a time frame for the fix. It is great armour I love it

If it was just that the DLC wasnt working it’d be easier to understand. I apparently never received it despite having the game for well over a year during Early Access.

That is a forum post about it.

It seems to be only impacting a few people. I got mine a day before the official release. So I’m not sure what the cause is. I wish I had a better answer I just remember this coming up a few days ago and Funcom has gotten really quiet recently.

That is rather unfortunate.

I only saw stuff about it happening on Xbox, and that Microsoft just hadnt sent out the keys yet but will be sending them out by the end of next week. Didnt see anything about it happening to people on the PC version.

I saw a few on PC… and I linked the wrong one… lol basically 4 days ago they said they were looking into it. and since then not much has occurred. Really Funcom has been fairly quiet the last few days unless it involved servers.

Thanks for the information. I’m on xbox one and didn’t receive mine. Sure sucks that some PC players are having the same issue. I hope they don’t forget about us.

Same on ps4 :frowning:

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