Conan Royal Armor - Am I eligible if game was gifted during early access (Xbox)

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Exclusive Content]
Region: [America]

To Funcom:
Will I get the Royal armor if a friend purchased and gifted the game to me during early access?? (Back in December on Xbox) If so I have not yet received the code for it yet. Microsoft suggested that I may not qualify since my friend purchased the game and I did not. However technically since my friend purchased the game twice should he be eligible then for two codes? To be honest I had not realized my friend purchased the game for me when I redeemed the code for the game. It was not until I went to purchase the game in April to ensure I was eligible for the exclusive content that I realized I already owned the game. Silly oversight I know but none the less my friend gifting the game to me (Again back in December) seems may have prevented me from being able to get the exclusive DLC. Microsoft wouldn’t even remove the license from my Xbox account so that I would be able to purchase it myself. In any case I believe I have made a case that justifies my eligibility for the Conan royal armor. Be it via a second code sent to my friend or one sent directly to me I think it should be made right.

To the players:
I would love to hear if anyone else had the game gifted to them in early access and what their experience has been.

Update: Spoke with a supervisor with Microsoft and they claim that the version of the game I have is not a day one edition despite redeeming a code for the game on December 17th. They have been unable to explain why my version shows as a normal edition and my buddy’s version is a day one edition despite both being purchased from the “Conan exiles (Game preview)” listing (And only listing for Conan exiles at the time) in the Xbox game store back in December. Again I redeemed the code same day he purchased his and my copy. (December 17th) so as far as Microsoft could determine I should be eligible and my account should reflect a day one edition. Unfortunately they indicated this was not something that they had the power to fix and that I would have to take it up with the publisher.

That said Funcom I would appreciate if you would respond and reach out to me so this can be corrected. Thanks

Hi there,

Unfortunately, Microsoft is the only ones who are capable of managing accounts that purchased Conan Exiles on Xbox. Funcom does not have access to any information relating to the purchase of the game. Microsoft is also the people that are in charge of distributing codes for the Royal Armor dlc. Regardless of what Microsoft says, we are unable to access any of that information so we cannot assist with any purchase of Conan Exiles.

While I understand that you all at Funcom can not manage xbox accounts. Would it be possible for you guys to provide a code for the content. I would be more than happy to email or otherwise privately forward documentation showing when I redeemed the game to prove that I should be eligible. I assume you guys have extra codes or ways to give content such as how you would do with a giveaway event as you have done on twitter and twitch. Albeit that was for the game itself. I cannot explain nor has Microsoft been able to explain why my account does not show a “day one edition” Despite having redeemed the game on December 17th. I have contacted them again and they are working on this further. However in the end I really don’t care which version my account shows as long as I have the content I feel I’m entitled too. A code for the content would be a suffice fix. I’m not even sure that if they are able to fix the license my account shows for the game if the code for the content will even get sent at this point. Again I would be more than willing to provide documentation supporting my entitlement. Thanks

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I completely understand your frustration with how long this process is taking and with our inability to assist you with this issue. We are unable distribute any codes to players as they are not provided through Funcom. They are completely distributed by Microsoft. The best thing to do is to wait until Microsoft finishes their investigation to this issue. I am sorry that I am not able to help with this problem at this time.

The following was sent via email by a Xbox customer support specialist supervisor.

"In reading your reply, the Armor is not a “In Game Purchase”, but “In Game Content” that is provided as a bonus for getting the particular Edition within the specified time frame. As previously stated the code in which you need can only be provided by Funcom, as we do not have the particular codes to provide. (It is not our game, but a 3rd party game)

I also see that there are persons still waiting on the code in which they have not received. Again this is a Funcom issue if you have met all the said criteria.

I do hope this helps"

Well clearly it does not help as it directly conflicts with your earlier statements that Microsoft has to fix it. i’m extremely frustrated that i’m stuck in the middle of two parties that will only point the finger at each other.

Question, I ordered the game prior to the release. Is there a way I can tell if it was to include this bonus or not? Was the cutoff just a date? If it was just a pre-order date what date was it?

My understanding is that if you purchased before May 8th while it was in “game preview” you were eligible for the Conan royal armor.

I got the code for the armor, look in your messages from Xbox… i had the early access copy for like months, then the code showed up either a day before or just shortly after offical was released

Further update from Microsoft

“Again we cannot provide what we do not have. We do not posess the codes for Armour to provide. I am sending this further. Meanwhile please see if you can get your friend whom gifted you the content, for game comparison as stated early on to see if we can eliminate that factor as well.”

“I am committed to help resolving your issue, but again can only provide what we would have in terms of a code. This is not our game, therefore we do not have the codes in question.”

Can you provide any kind of clarification on this so called on going process you claim Microsoft is doing to get the Armor codes to those of us who haven’t received it yet. I’ve spoken to 5-6 reps now at Xbox/Microsoft support and none of them have ever mentioned or even indicated in any way a known issue with distribution of the codes for the armor. Their lack of confirmation on what Funcom has announced on this issue is concerning to say the least.

Update #8, I am still awaiting a code for the Conan Royal Armor on Xbox. Microsoft is still working my issue but has repeatedly tried to convince me that since its “Funcom’s Content” its Funcoms issue to fix. Given that I wouldn’t expect Funcom would be able to manage my Xbox/Microsoft account I do believe Funcom in that its Microsoft’s issue to fix. Whats confusing and becoming ever so frustrating is the lack of corroboration on this. While Funcom has posted that Microsoft is still getting these codes out. Not any of the couple dozen times I have either spoken, chat online, or emailed with has any rep from Microsoft hinted or acknowledged Funcoms claim that they are working to get the codes out still. No mention of any problem with Conan Exiles on their part what so ever. Which leaves me at a really strange place in this. At this point here is what I think makes the most sense. If it is a Microsoft issue than Funcom needs to either elaborate more on the issue so we has players and consumers can better address Microsoft with the issue or they need to reach out to Microsoft and directly address the issue on our behalf. Another suggestion would be to obtain keys for the armor that Funcom can distribute themselves provided a player has met certain criteria. In my case I have the receipt and order number for the game dated December 17th that I would love to send to someone and finally get resolution on. I know dedicating staff to addressing this type of issue on a case by case basis is not all that easy but either fight for us with Microsoft of find a way to help us yourself please.

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Hi there,

I am very sorry for the late response. This is a situation that happens from time to time and we are very sorry for the inconvenience this whole issue has caused. As I said before, the issue lies completely with Microsoft as we do not have any access to your Xbox Live account in any shape or form. Even if could distribute the codes for the preorder content, we wouldn’t be able to give it to players because of this fact. This is not an issue with an in-game item but rather an issue with a preorder offer that was made available and distributed by Microsoft. I hope that this has clarified things a little bit further. Again, I am very sorry for the hassle that was caused in regards to this issue.

I have not received any message yet from Xbox Live. :frowning:

Hi, Microsoft did finally confirm the issue with their Xbox messages and that it has been resolved however I have not yet received any code for the pre order offer. While I understand this issue affected distribution of the code for pre-orders. The question at this point and original question was if the game was gifted should this affect eligibility for the pre order offer? When a game is gifted on Xbox a code is sent to the person the game is gifted too. The recipient then has to redeem the game by using the code. I would assume that if that code is redeemed during the pre-order period they should also qualify for the per-order offer. Can Funcom please elaborate on this? Did you intend for players who were gifted and redeemed the game during “Game preview” to not be eligible for the pre-order offer? If we should have been eligible then please address Microsoft. As it stands Microsoft reps seem to be leaning towards players who were gifted the game are not eligible for the pre-order offer. There are also many others based off of Funcom forums who were gifted and redeemed the game during game preview and still not received the code for the pre-order offer. Please be specific on this. It may be an issue with Microsoft but I would like to know from your stand point if I should be eligible given I redeemed the game December 17th during game preview on Xbox.

Can a moderator please answer the question I asked in my previous post on this thread? As of now I still have not received the per-order offer…

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