Does anyone have the royal armours and conans sword (ps4)?

Hey:) I’m really hoping someone in here on the PS4, might have the royal armour . And conans sword. DLc. It’s one of those special items you get with the digital content and the first day edition. or something. I’m honestly not entirely sure.

But I would really like to have someone come to our server and make some of it all for me. Honestly cant offer alot exept my gratitude and a good spot to build on our server if you need one.

But its obviously impossible to acquire now any other way, inwould be more than willing to acquire a DLC if there was one for it but alas there is not.

I Just got my EU disc this morning and set up EU account. So I can do Sword and Armor (sorta…)

I can also do Digital armor, via my Main NA account…

But… I havnt update EU version to latest patch. I’m doing a compare of sorts between NA version. (after I noticed abunch of nice things that went poof/changed…and wanted make some notes on it)
I can’t go online just yet. XD

But… if no one can meet up. I can at later moment once I update Eu copy of game.

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