Missing Royal armor on Ps4

Hello everyone, i have preordered the digital edition , got a message about the armor plus something extra today /31.5.2018 and one empty message saying just Conan Exiles but without text / Problem is i got the Atalantean sword as a recipe but not the armor , how did this happen , can anyone fix this?

Hi, yeah… this is happening to a lot of people right now.
I just got the message that I was finally going to get my sword, but I still only have the armor.

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Gosh that is one messed up bonus :smiley:

Indeed, and I’ve been waiting for about 3 or 3 and a half weeks for them to give me this message.
Well, at least the message mentioned that I could keep the royal armor and that I would automaticly get the sword.

I have no choice but to wait and see if I’ll ever get my sword though.

Same here, have the armor and got the message about getting the sword but couldnt find it anywhere. Im assuming its crafted in our pocket once its actually fixed.
Glad we get to keep the armor tho its actually came in pretty handy with the +5 encumberence that it gives :slight_smile:

Yes, you can craft it in your inventory, just like with the armor.
Fortunately I finally got the proper dlc, it happened about 15 to 18 hours after I got the message.


Oh and guess what? Turns out the sword is not good at all, very underpowered for a 2-handed sword.
In the movie the sword was much shorter, it would never qualify as a 2-handed sword or even just a long sword.
They should have made it one-handed, especially with it’s lacking damage, it’s 30 dmg for the iron and 50 dmg for star metal sword.

I got the armor about the same time you got your sword , so all is ok now :smiley:

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