Do not have feats for conans royal armour and atlantean sword

im a early backer, its listed in my dlc but nothing in game anymore…how can i get this resolved?

The recipes are not showing up in your inventory?

And they both are installed?

ack, my mistake, i got the armour…in dont think pc users got the sword

Pc users can have the sword also. It depends on which version of preorder u had. If u had the physical version u got the sword recipe along with a conan action figure , soundtrack and a t shirt if i remember correctly. If u ordered the digital version, u got the armour

Wish I would have known this at that time, I have the armor, and no sword

Did you try to spawn it from the admin panel ? For me it’s impossible because I don’t own the pre-order version, only the PS+ one I got for free last April. But for someone who owns the right version it should be possible.

U play from pc or another platform?

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