Royal Conan armor set PS4/5

Does anyone have the ability to craft this armor set? If so, what could I do to get a set of this armor? GR1FFYNN is my psn username.

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Unfortunately i can’t but would also like this armor set. Funcom should just make this a learnable recipe or at least put it in the bazaar. Throw us a bone for all of these recent screw ups.

I feel you, my dude. It’s such a cool looking set of armor. Whew~

The problem with this is that it will trigger rage for those that were around in early access to benefit from getting the exclusive armor. It stops being exclusive if it goes on sale and anyone can get it - which as I recall was part of a pre order incentive.

You’d have to recompense all of us that bought the game on release and pre ordered for that specifically instead of waiting to buy the game.

The same for why only console players had access to Conan’s sword, and no one else can get that either.

Incorrect. The Day 1 edition was available on PC as well.

This game came out years ago. They’ll get over it. And many companions releases pre order bonuses months later, even.

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The discussion about whether the various preorder bonuses should be released as separate DLCs or not has been done to death a hundred times already. OP is looking for someone who can craft him a set on his platform of choice. Was the set ever available on console?


Yeah probably not going to work out in your favor this time around boss.

I see your point, but the bazaar is a big change in monetization in general, so I think the subject is in a different debatable area now, especially if limited time bazaar items cycle back thru.

Just make it an illusion item for 0 cc like the khitan armor is now. I fail to see the difference there for a one time use for conan players and those that got the preorder still able to make them normally.

For many people, illusions everywhere would be the preferred way to go. That way they can min/max the best armor and then put the illusion of whatever on it. It would in essence be the same thing though - giving access to a pre order perk outside of pre order (yes TECHNICALLY its not the royal armor it just looks like it but looking like royal armor is why people craft it in the first place IMO). (makes armor types useless IMO because if everyone is just min/maxing armor scores to then apply an illusion over it then… just make all armors have the same score but thats another tangent for another time)

People would “have to deal with it”. And while I wouldn’t raise holy hell over it, I can bet you my estate that the rage would be exquisite in here from people that would.

I don’t think this would make any difference - the exclusivity (such as it is) is in the looks, not the stats.

Except being a one-time use I guess. Don’t care too deeply either way myself.

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And one character so it’s very specific and limited but makes a crap ton of people happy.

I am an early release person and have access to the royal armoury. While not everyone will agree, I don’t see a problem with it becoming available. It’s been a few years now and I think we are over the aura it once held. Maybe the suggestion to put it into the bazaar will work? That seems good. It’s stats are not the best though, it is an encumbrance bonus, with +21 per Armor piece. Moderate Armor value if you use the right thrall to make it. The sword stats are average. But I do use the appearance of the sword on my two handed weapon. But there are base items that are better.

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Yeah thats why people are gungho over illusions. That way they can min max better and get the appearance that they want.


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