Conan's armor and sword

Hi I just purchased the barbarian edition on Steam and in-game I can see both the sword and armor in admin panel. How do I get these items in game? Is there a hoop I need to jump through?

Hey there. I actually pre ordered the ps4 version of the game and got the conan sword. For me the conan sword showed in my crafting panal without having to do anything it should be there at level one. The armor should be in the armor bench as well they are already unlocked and you shouldn’t have to do anything but get the mats.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Yes I know where they should be but they are not. I have removed mods started a new game after backing up my save and even reinstalled the game.

This is everything the Barbarian edition contains.

Yes i did read up on what it contains before I purchased it. Sorry but this does not help me.

Sorry but the barb efition neither contains Conan’s armor nor sword

The armor were an exclusive item for pre-release testers/players
Cannot recall who got the sword. I think it was a promotion at release

Only way for you to get those items is to get them off someone who can craft them
Despite they are in the admin panel, the game will not let you the items, just like you cannot spawn items from DLCs you do not own

They are Dlc from the pre order. Digital or hard copy.

Well that was a waste of $10. Thanks for helping.

No problem man sorry for your loss of 10$

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