DLC Royal Armor access

I received Conan Exiles as a gift during early access, and activated it on Mar 24, 2017. I do not have access to the Royal Armor though. I played the game during Early Access, so I don’t understand why I don’t have the armor.

Have you checked your crafting, remember its hand crafted unlike other armours.

Yea I checked, and the friend that gifted it to me also has a copy, and it shows up in his DLC section on steam.

Hmm, have you tried verifying the files through steam?

What’s bad is I put a ticket in with customer service, and they said they didn’t have the tools to help me. I was told to come here and bring the problem to the devs attention, or go through steam. When you go to support for Conan Exiles on Steam, they send you back here.

I have the same issue it’s like no one knows who is supposed to be able to help!

I also have the issue where my Barbarian Edition soundtrack refuses to download.

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