Review Copy Woes - No Pre Order Items

Don’t know if it is a bug or if Funcom intended for us streamers to have to buy a copy as well to get the Royal Armor pre-order items. At any rate my buddies who bought the Early Access have the items, but my review copy seems to not have been given access to them.

Is there any way my account can be looked at to add the items or am I just out of luck? Other than that, been enjoying the new biomes!

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Same issue here.

Hey guys!

Did you get a key from Funcom directly or from a third party (like Koch Media, our publisher)? If you were given an Early Access or launch key then you should have access to the Royal Armor, but keep in mind that they’re a crafting recipe, not items that are immediately available in your inventory.

You should also check and see if you have installed the DLC. Go to your Steam library, click on Conan Exiles, and look at the DLC window. See if the box next to “Conan’s Atlantean Armor” has been ticked.

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