Wrong "Pre-Order" item. Got the armor, should be the Atlantean Sword

Pre-ordered the PS4 collectors edition. Unlocked the Atlantean Sword by redeeming the code that was in the box on the marketplace, or at least that is what it said. Oddly enough there is no Atlantean Sword among my “recipes”, instead I got Conans Royal Armor.

I’m very sorry for the trouble. We’ve reached out to Sony regarding this issue and we’re working to have it resolved. Please keep an eye out for updates going forward as we’ll announce fixes here on the forums.

E tenido el mismo problema que tu compañero, reserve el formato fisico para la espada pero en su lugar obtuve la armadura real…

I had exactly the same problem. PS4 collectors edition. Redeemed code and got armour. Only wanted the sword which is what the code said it would be but it’s not there. Kind of ruining the experience for me as I wanted to get the sword from the start. That was the point of buying the collectors on pre order. Not very happy

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