Atlantian Sword (Conan Sword)

Since the 2.3 update I lost my dlc Atlantian Sword to both Xbox One and PS4. I tried spawning one in, it wouldn’t do it as if I didn’t own it. I then re-entered the codes on both consoles and both said already redeemed. What can be done to recover them on both consoles?? Let me know thanks.

The sword can be found in the new blacksmith’s bench and the armor you will find in the new gunsmith’s bench, it has not been lost, they have only moved it.

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you may need a slave to see it

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In Ps4 Setting, theres spot to reactivate user content. I forgot name of option and not at my ps4 at moment.

Which can sometimes fix dlc, And then try Admin Panel again.

Well I found the sword on the PlayStation but have yet to find it on my xbox??

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ufff on xbox yeah I don’t know, I only use ps4, sorry

I have seen it in one of the weapons benches. Not sure which one

I have seen it in both of the new weapon benches, I have also seen the royal armor in the new armor benches. This is with T4 thralls installed. I play on PS4.

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Saw the sword yesterday. Garrison bench. Have not seen Royal Armor is it under a different name? @Mbeat

Royal Armour was a pre-order so if you didn’t pre-order the game you won’t see it.

If you did and have the Royal armour, it will be on the new armourers benches, not sure if you need an armourer on the bench or not. And it is under the name Royal Armour

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Thanks seems like some people are finding both I only preordered for sword.

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