It feels like a scam?

Community Manager (Jens Erik):
Everyone who buys it digitally gets CONAN’S ROYAL ARMOR, including those who bought early access on PC and XB. For those who buys it in retail, they get CONAN’S ATLANTEAN SWORD :slight_smile:

So to get full Conan’s armor set with the sword we should pay twice, looks fair, I would dump my second copy of the Conan Exiles in the trash.


Well the sword is 2 handed, so by default it kind of sucks. I guess it looks cool though.

Props to the art team as always-- they are the Kobe Bryants of Funcom.

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Yeap, sword looks great!
But I still don’t get why there is no way to buy it as DLC to the digital edition.


I’m guessing retailers asked for it.

Doesn’t stop Funcom from adding in the Atleantean Sword as a DLC after release, considering it is a PRE-ORDER deal with retailers.

Loophole :wink:

Would conjure a faeces-storm if they did that though, so we only have our future selves to blame, for this being an exclusive deal with retailers.

Agreed! I’m not sure where you are but in the U.S. we can get both physical retail version for PS4 and XBOX but not PC…so much derp.

Also love your YT channel, it’s been very helpful!


Oh yeaahh! Justhorse, the guy i learned how to get brimstone from :smiley:
Dude, your a minor celebrity here :3

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I was just saying on Discord that JustHorse is a public service. :raised_hands:


I’ve said this since they first announced that these items would be available. I know not everyone will agree, but to me it seems like a big slap in the face of those who’ve been part of EA since the start. What they should have done is make it so that after release those who buy it digitally get the armor, those who buy it physically get the sword, and those who’ve been with them since the beginning should get both.


We don’t really even know what these are. They might just be skins, that you can apply to certain classes of armor or weapons. If that’s the case, then they might be available on a cosmetics cash shop some time post-release.

Yeah… Normally I wouldn’t mind, but what’s ■■■■■■■ me off is my gut feeling is telling me that Funcom’s purposefully holding off information on how they are gonna implement the Sword, so poeple feel like they are “missing out on something” and then buy the sword for 40 euroes in the vein of “what if this is a one-time only thing?” Then end up having paid 40 euros for something they could get for a 10 euro upgrade further down the line.

Funcom can then just claim: “Why are you angry with us for having bought a game? The sword was just an extra. You paid for the retail copy…”

2 handed swords are good with the hyper armor

Me too… I would love to see it replace the t-shirt on the Steam Barbarian Edition. That way there is a full digital set which does not require a physical mailing address to a particular country.

@Jens_Erik Hi Jens :slight_smile: Got any info on whether the sword is gonna be a skin or an item? Will one be able to claim it only once per server, or will it be a crafting recipe? Is it repairable? These 40 Euro questions are haunting me.

He mentioned this on the Dev Stream today. The code basically unlocks the crafting recipe for your character.

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AAAhhhhh you sure it’s a crafting recipe? :o
I must’ve missed that from my brain switching itself off from the amount of waffle Jens tends to tangent off into :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember distinctly listening at that point, and that’s what I heard him say.

The armor and sword are listed in the game inventory but you cant get them yet.

It’s only a scam if you shell out the coins for digital fluff.

The only part of this I don’t like is not having “all” of a game just because of the method in which I purchase it.
Especially when it’s half of a “kit” either way.

I suspect this is just a deal they had to make with retailers to give them a Unique Selling Point against the digital download sales. If this IS the case, I would hope that after a short time, we would all be able to get both… No-one in their right mind would buy two copies of the game, would they?

Maybe a deal should’ve been done which said from xx date, anyone who ALREADY owns the game gets both, and then from here on this is the new deal. That would be fairer I think.

As a side note, being an active EA gamer, something as a small token of appreciation for me taking a gamble on a game and investing early on, would be nice. I could have bought this game and it never be released.

Please give us EA guys something a bit special that no-one else gets.

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