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Hi,first sorry about my english is not my mother language and i still learn but i will try myself. So i am a big fan of Conans world and now of this great game. I love the way the game is created. Probably people are right and there are still some issues have to be fixed on that game but how i see it is good for me.The thing is that i think is very unfair is that some people can have atlantean sword and armor some people cant ,even if they want to pay for it ! After all we talk about CONAN … so the Atlantean sword and the armor we can see on the poster and on admin panel (but you cant spawn) are the main item every person think will get when buy CONAN GAME. And when you buy it you are.. disappointed. My suggestion is to create one small DLC with Atlantean sword ,Father sword and not so important,but may be Valeria as a thrall as well with some small items from the movies . It will be very nice and i wish it will happen :slight_smile: One more time the game is Unique and Great for me I dont like the only fact that you can`t have those items. So PLEASE GIVE US CHANCE TO BUY THEM.


The armor of Conan was included in the pre-order edition of the game. It is not possible to buy it now. But it is in the game. Maybe Funcom will offer a way to buy it later.

But you can find or create very similar armor. The Dark Templar armor chest is similar and comes with a nice looking cloak.

Conan’s skirt looks similar to several other armor, for example the Barbarian armor:

The barbarian leg armor is red, but you can use dye to give it a gray color.

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