Conan's atlantean sword and armor

I have seen a few post about this but I did want to bring it back up.
Conan’s sword and armor need to be revamped to have a higher teir as they are useless right now the sword is a damage 50 armor penetration of 13% and does cripple it should have a version of damge 60 and armor penetration of 21% at least to match the starmeatal great sword.
And the armor should follow the same suit.

I also would like to see these items released as a dlc for people it has been yeara sence the game release and I think if a poll was taken 90% of the player would love to be able to get them.

Also I would live to get more armor and weapons from the movies and some building parts to.
The movies I would tap because they are Robert E. Howard’s work are all the conan movies yes even the new one, Red Sonya,and kill the conquerer.


AS far as bringing them to balance with star metal, i whole-hearted agree. Even the armor. Just make sure they cost the same to make as those for balance purposes.

AS for a DLC for them I am okay with it, and i have the sword. Others might want your head because…well, I’ll let them explain their opinion.

As for the last part, more movie stuff, the issue lies in licensing. The movie license is not tied to the gaming license. so Funcom has to pay a % for using anything from the actual movie. Never say never, but I am sure it is a matter of economics where Funcom has to balance paying employees to create it vs what they (would) make after movie license cut is skimmed off the top.


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