Improve the Conan's Atlantean Sword

I understand that this topic has been discussed already in other topics however I wish to bring this topic back. This is regarding the Conan’s Atlantean sword which is a marvelous sword by design and I find it very much favorable but we must speak of the damage given to the “High Grade” Version of this sword. I am concerned of the dps which stands at 50, I understand it was created as a thank you for the community but isn’t 50 damage on a Great sword which requires 20 star metal and a Long handle look correct? I’ve been a fan of this game since I first layed eyes upon it and used a assortment of different weapons and bonus. Out of all of them the “Conan’s Atlantean sword(High Grade Version)” Feels out of date. I would assume it is simply a decorative sword but if it was it would only have one craft able recipe but it doesn’t… It has two. I love this sword but it is rendered not efficient use of Star metal bars and I wish to see a possible change to that. If you would allow me to voice my thoughts about this magnificent Great sword of legend. I want to see people use this weapon as a statement of their love for the game. I understand if it is balance related but I wish to see this weapon buffed to have at least the exact same amount as any High grade Dlc Great swords (58dps), perhaps even have a flawless version of it but if it isn’t possible then could we at least have a Trans smog/reskin for it? Please inform me of your decision and I gladly accept any suggestions or opinions from anyone!


It’s a weird sword design. For a greatsword (or even a longsword) it’s very short. That may be the explanation why it lacks the momentum to cause as much damage as “real” greatswords.

Now, from a game design perspective, it’s an artifact from the old days (which actually sounds like a lore explanation) which hasn’t been brought up-to-date with more modern additions. Considering how only a select few people have access to this piece of content, it has probably not been a top priority for Funcom.

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It’s a reward if you bought Conan physical copy back in 2017, i believe. It’s meant to be cosmetic.
Making it stronger would step into pay2win zone.

Respectfully, I would disagree. Its “pay 2 win” only if it was made superior.

I, too, would like to see the sword and royal armor brought on par with other DLC weapons and armor (not superior nor inferior – just another, yet viable, cosmetic option).


Not really if it was approximately on par with other weapons of the same tier, which I think is a fair request for a cosmetic weapon. If it’s significantly weaker than other weapons of comparable tier, it’ll end up as nothing more than a wall decoration (although it is a very nice wall decoration).


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