Please buff Conan's Atlantean Sword and nerf Silent Legion Armor

I’d like to suggest, that you Buff Conan’s Atlantean Sword (currently 50DMG, 13% AP, no extra stats). As it currently is, it has worse stats then the Acheronian Two-Handed Sword (52DMG) which is the best none-special sword that everyone has access to. Other swords that can be crafted are way more powerful even, for example the Dragonbone Two-Handed Sword (62DMG) and of course Telith’s Sorrow (66DMG). I currently only have one legendary two handed sword which is Baal-pteor’s Razor which has 63DMG, 14% AP and +5 to Encumberance.
I have one handed swords that have better stats then Conan’s Atlantean Sword (Wightblade and Bane of Khostral Khel both have 50DMG (and 4% less AP) but offer +5 to Strength/Vitality.
The crafting cost of 20 Star Metal Bars are not low for the Atlantean Sword.

I’d highly suggest to give Conan’s Atlantean Sword stats that are similar to the stats of the easily obtainable Kingscourge Sword and legendary swords. That means the damage must be raised to 60 or above and it should recieve +5 to a primary combat attribute.
Otherwise the Sword will only end up on weapon display racks, but will see no combat at all.

My second suggestion is to nerf the Silent Legion armor by balancing its crafting recipes to match the materials needed for other epic armors. The Silent Legion Armor which is the best heavy armor in the game (I know, substitute the helmet…) currently does NOT need high quality materials to be crafted, this should be changed.


I do agree on that sword, though I would suggest changing that starmetal to hardened steel instead.

Regarding your second point…
Well. I never got gold very soon, making that resource rather a endgame one. (One eighter gets that at volcano or with some luck from northern lootable enemies; but that isn’t too well eighter. The only other reliable source is a certain chest, which will contain a random? amount of silver+gold.) This adds up with purge-threat coming up soon (once the number of purges per server goes up, since they still show like 24/day?), with 5,6 difficulty+40 times more damage on structures dealt by those enemies.
This leads me to thinks the price for that armor is just fine.
If anything has to be harder, change the hardened steel bars to starmetal bars…

But speaking of armor. Those black keep gloves sure are crazy, compared to any other gloves, which always only give +1 of their assigned stat… Maybe gloves should grant just as much as any other piece of armor? (Speaking of flawless versions which all grant +2 stats per piece - except for the gloves.)

They will not do this with the sword, as this will be bad for other players. This sword is a gratitude, and it should hang just on the wall, the ray would have introduced it like skins on weapons or armor.


If it was like that, they could have left it with the iron version…
I really think Funcom wants those swords to be used instead of just being thrown at some wall.
I dont really see a difference of having to run up north, bringing a few fire+gas orbs to crack some starmetal open and smelt that into bars down in mainbase again or only having to get that ton of tar, brimstone and iron to be enabled to actually craft that sword.
Does that second sword come with a level requirement? If not, it’s OP in eighter case.
(Because its possible to enter snowy region with 40+ if self crafted… And what 40+ weapon has 50 damage? I think none.)

It just feels to me, even if it is meant to be some decoration, it should at least be some early late game weapon, as they even implemented the second version of it. When that player got his hand on some legendary weapon or simply on some better recipe, that special sword will become dusty on that wall anyway.

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You can farm 20 or more gold dust easily by opening a couple chests in the Unnamed City. They also contain Gold Bars, which give 10 gold dust each. Another way to farm the gold is to simply kill the Skeletons in/around the Black Keep.

In regards to the sword: You would rarely be able to craft this on your own before you turned level 60, because in order to harvest Star Metal you need to be able to survive in the snow region AND have crafted some Explosive Vases (well, maybe Orbs will work, even though there is no reliable source for volatile glands while the jungle is still closed). That said, with level 60 you will likely already have completed the Black Keep and would be better of to simply craft Telith’s Sorrow, which is cheaper and has 32% more damage. So you would only ever craft Conan’s Atlantean Sword if you wanted to put it on a wall, which is a little sad imo.

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There is a coldarmor which isnt locked behind a certain level… Well. Maybe it requires that basic lvl 10 armor feat. Hyena armor. One only has to know where to find it and do a nude run there…
Those glands not having a reliable source? What about those red little monsters at newbie area? Forgot their name, but those crazy little mutated things. There are enough spawns. Bovists being there as well is just as convenient as it could be.
-> before combat update it was 3-4 gaseous orbs and one fireorb to crack one starmetal node.
That much for coldarmor and explosives for that ore.
It’s not easy as you have to invade that camp and later venture into north plus going home again, but one can do it. Probably even at lvl 20 if one is careful enough.

Well to me it seems those undead are ignoring staggering, so I wouldnt call them a lvl 20 thing. Though that is coming from some impatient dagger-wielding berserk, just rushing in instead of waiting for them to finish their first combo.
Also when talking about black keep and its surroundings, its very cold, requiring cold armor again. (But going further north brings one to the location where one can mine gold by harvesting obsidian nodes.)
Leaving the unnamed city, which comes with skeletons, bats and dragons… Not really a lvl 20 thing.

Hi Moos.

I can see a problem right away. If that item is too OP ppl will complain for a pay2win situation.
Also as far as I know that content won’t be available everywhere for every ppl.
If it were only a single player weapon no problem sure boost it to even being OP.

And I totally on your side with that armor. too OP and cheap at the same time…
But beware what you wish for… They maybe “balance it out” so that to kill the scourge for the hearts you may end up having a 10 hour long fight with him. (heard the news about 3 hour long battles in testlive with the scorpion king?) I still can’t believe it. :smiley:


Uhm I wanted to fill in with a link to where a player said he took 3 hours while streaming it.
Only found a google hit on that, while it leads me to an unexisting page. Well… forums have to stay tidy.
When searching for “conan exiles stream world boss 3 hours” this came up, being part of the post I meant.


Testlive Patch Notes (25.04.2018) - Patch Notes - Funcom Forums › Conan Exiles › Patch Notes

Diese Seite übersetzen
vor 2 Tagen - xx_alucard 2018-04-26 01:46:03 UTC #23. Hey guys! I told my stream I’d be playing until I killed a world boss, and after 3 hours I did it! Then he didn’t drop a key! Great change! index. *Edit-- In case anyone’s wondering, I was killing the scorpion (easiest one that you can constantly attack) …

Sorry for no actual link. :frowning:

Okay. so maybe not the fight only was the 3 hours. :smiley:
Who knows. But still :smiley:

I just hope funcom won’t make the same mistake as wildcard did.
I mean you cannot beat ark’s main bosses alone at all. Except cheating.
So they eventually force you as a player to be in a group no matter what. ( I mean even in single player mode… just a little bit silly :smiley: )

They could do something like “count” the nearby players and multiply the normal healthpool of the monster with that amount. So that when a group assembling to make a team effort they need to invest “kinda the same” amount of time in it. as for a “solo” player would.
Maybe. is that makes sense?

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As I am usually some lone wolf myself, I can understand you there.

But still.
Conan Exiles is not only rather melee based, but more about pvp instead of pve and on top or maybe because of that, it’s about clans. One can find other players to do stuff with them on pve servers (maybe on pvp as well?) without having to join up with them.
Though if purge really manages to hit really active players each day while hitting on each inactive player at least once per week (as it was claimed), having a clan will be even better.


Then again, one might stumble upon harrassment or simply weird people. Or dictating people, claiming they doubt if one is even able to play in a clan… (I can do so, but I am not some pretty barbie, just sitting around… nor do I like getting boosted…)
The best experience has been when I joined up with a few other pveplayers like an eternity ago. Meeting up to do stuff together… not carrying others to their goals…
To sum it up: It’s best to stick being neighbours.

And even though I understand this, I would really like an boss-HP-slider in server settings.
The damage may stay as it is, but with that much HP, playing singleplayer is asking for a big slap into the face… And simply rising playerdamage wont cut it.
It causes all else enemies to become even easier to kill insects…

As for your thought… I generally like it - if everyone can harvest the corpse for the chance of a key.


I can agree with that. I didn’t think about P2W, but also never wanted it to be the strongest weapon in the game. Just buffing it to be average is what I would like to see. I love the design of the sword, would like to use it after release. :slight_smile:

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Yep it is gorgeous for sure.

Silent Legion is currently very easy to craft compared to other heavy sets which still fall short in stats, also I dont get the deal with Cimmerian medium only being perfected and costing way more than heavy.

The Conan sword also needs to be buffed to 62-66 damage so its not a worthless weapon. There is nothing p2w about it, make it as complex to craft as any other weapon in that tier, the conan sword can just be an alternative, just please let it be a useful one.

Currently lower tier weapons are awful in the endgame. Its quite simple you go heavy with 40+ vit and some food heals. Back before all the nonsense that broke combat you could be a skilled player and kill someone fully geared with just a stone hammer while naked or in some basic medium armor, Weapon damage needs to be better balanced so lower tier weapons arnt useless. It takes no time at all to get to 60 even in low xp servers making all low tier weapons loss their purpose quite quickly.

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Totally agree on the Conan sword. It just hangs on my wall for now :wink:

Just putting this out there, you can go int the frozen north starting at level 20 with the shaman gear from Savage Armors, as it gives cold resist.

If you capture an alchemist thrall early on and can get your hands on some volitiles you can pretty much bee-line for starmetal. Granted, it will be an undertaking, and I’m not sure you’d be able to do it exactly at 20, if only because of all the levels you’d get from journey in preparation, and your yield with an iron/steel pick would be abysmal, but you don’t have to be anywhere near level 60 to get up there and get starmetal.

True, but if you can do all that and that and that, then you can also ask a friend to craft the Silent Legion sword or give a legendary sword to you with better stats, so the Atlantean Sword stays put on the display rack on the wall.
At least the epic version does, I do enjoy using the iron version at lower levels, it’s quite good for that.

Gold and Silver can easily be found in the chests underwater at Buccaneer Bay.

And as Far as nerfing the Silent Legion armor, I’d rather they didn’t Its not that expensive to craft and is only superior because of the massive armor it provides… the +3 stats isn’t off the charts at all…

I only say this because I JUST hit lvl 60 and crafted my first full set and I’d really like to use it as my primary traveling/combat gear…

as it stands now its amazing at soloing the endgame which I don’t think is the problem with it… the only problem I see is being able to learn the recipes by simply running circles around the room and kiting the boss away from the tablets needed to learn them…

Well, it is an epic armor but requires the material for regular armor. All other epic armors need epic materials, so I think it’s off balance. If you needed 1 heart for each armor piece or maybe at least 1 for chest and pants, then that would be ok imo.

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Actually you will want to look closer at all the different armor types, you will find more which only require normal materials for epic version… (At least one else.)

But yes, that needs a fix. As well as all those other armors need a fix, kambujan armor is one example for an extremely cheap armor (normal version) - some material is missing there.
And please for whatever gods sake… please add some stat to black hand armor. :slight_smile:
(Oh and please consider a medium and light version of legion armor (other sources though), all giving those 5 different stats, each +3. And all combos for temperature+stat.)

Oh, and I think Legion armor used to cost those hearts per piece. But I think at least in pvp its too valuable to actually wear it… Or am I wrong and the respawn is like 5 mins?

No nerfing. Get good.