Atlantean Sword stats

Im confused. Will a lucky participant of the event receive an item or a recipe of the sword. And what are the stats now of this item since there was a rebalance of the weapons after the pre-order phase?

idk as I cannot spawn it.
I think they are pure cosmetic though. I would love to hang them on my walls…

It’s a recipe. Not sure stat wise, can check the wiki maybe.'s_Atlantean_Sword

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The Recipe gives you two variants one low lvl that requires iron and shaped wood and a high lvl that requires star metal and a long handle. both are 2 handed, hadcrafted and both have less damage than teliths. Maybe low lvl is good till you get anything better but for endgame they are both crap. it just looks good on the wall of my base.

Yeah I know the wiki but that would be really disappointing if the weapon remains with the current values. At the moment its a two handed blade with damage of a one handed sword of the same tier. They should bring it on par with the other cosmetic DLC items avaiable at level 60 with an exceptional and flawless variants, too. Otherwise its only a decoration at your wall.


I need this sword. It looks great and with fashionists weapon style slots I don’t care what stats are on the weapon…


Since it is a bonus item many that have don’t want shared thru a DLC, it should not have stats on par with anything high end, and not be available beyond what was given.
That was the original agreement when introduce thru PR. Anything else is not part of that promise so heatedly quoted to keep it from being a paid DLC. Sorry. 2 versions was what was promised, 2 versions is all that should be available.

It already is a xp grinders perk, as at level 10 one can have a dmg 30 weapon to fast grind to 60. I know, that’s how I do it. And it is hand crafted, so one does not need a bench to craft. Just kill a few mid level NPC’s for 20 iron bars and 4 shaped wood. And scoop iron as needed fro repairs.

Well, I dont see an issue here if you make it avaible like the other DLC weapons. When I wrote DLC, I refer to the weapon stats and requirements like level and feats. It should not be a cheat tool or xp grinder. They need to tie it to level 60 items but thats already the case since you need a long handle and star metal to craft it. They lack the ability to make a exceptional/flawless version, though. If its left like its now, you have a unfair boost as you descripe and later a nice dust catcher for your wall in endgame. Thats a sad resolution for this icon pice of sword… I think Funcom can do better.

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i own it. i also think it is time to release it as a DLC. But if they don’t then there should be no epic versions. I was just pointing out the hipocrasy in wanting a perfected flawless version, when that was not part of the deal that is refereed to, keeping it from everyone else. make sense.

Funcom offered the sword to physical copy purchasers. Iron version and star metal version. So if it can’t be a DLC for purchase by others, then it can’t have any new epic versions either. All or nothing when it come to the agreement. And again i own it, but think 9 months is enough time that it should be sold to everyone now.

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Yeah, both cases are things people have requested now and back then. Keeping fingers crossed they will do both.

I don’t see the correlation between fixing an oversight (no exceptional/flawless version because it’s handcrafted) and an exclusive reward staying exclusive. It’s not like the promotional deal said “ordinary Iron and Star Metal versions only, no flawless”. It was never that specific.

But hey, if I had my way they’d release the Father’s Blade as a purchasable DLC, including exceptional/flawless epic versions. Because as iconic as the Atlantean Blade is, the FB is a thousand times more so (to me, anyway).

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