Conan's Royal Armor

Hello there, i am here to ask how to claim the royal armor, i bought barbarian edition all the way back on 31st Jan 2017, and Royal armor is not in my DLC list on steam

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Same here.
I own the game since january 31st 2017 (and upgraded to the barbarian edition) but no royal armor. It is even impossible to spawn it per admin panel.

I will show up in your inventory to craft I made my set last night.

No, nothing in the inventory. How I said, I can not even spawn it. I have no access to it.
My friend playing next to me has it and it is like you said: the armor is shown in her inventory. But not for me. :frowning:

then join this thread and ask customer service to help.

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Hi there,

As said in the linked forum, we are currently working on a fix for this issue. We will have more information soon.


Hi. My question about Royal Armor. Say please if I buy digital key of Day One Edition will I get Royal Armor and Atlantean Sword ?

Hi say1,

If you buy the Day One edition, you will get the Atlantean Sword. The Royal Armor is only available to those who pre-ordered the game.

not right key seller give armor and swort i hate it as early buyer only royal armor…

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