#1650 Official Server- SERVER LAG for last 5 days

#1650 needs to be looked at and either moved to different hardware or have the computer power allocated to it increased. the Server has literally 5 second delays between building or demoing blocks. Please fix!

Elevators, climbing and well… generally walking is death on this server right now. Please address.

No point in playing on 1650 anymore. One clan salty about losing some raids has just spammed over 7k T3 foundations in the Shattered Springs and the Savana east of Southern Aquaduct. Best to find a server with less salty players.

Now to add to that, the same clan that spammed the foundations all over the map is crashing the server using the bug in the volcano. This server is dead, done dying. Everyone should quit.

Come to think of it IsisJihadi, the server lag could be due to the 30ish thousand foundations your clan has all over the map as “land claim” aka spam. That might be the issue.

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