18+ [FR-EN] Harsh Barbarian || PVP & PVE || CANADA EAST




Having played games in the 90s, where nothing was easy and you had to work for what you wanted. We have decided to recreate an harsh land where the real barbarians would have fun.

Since it is a small server, we have decided to limit the max clan member to 2. This makes a perfect place to call home if you want to solo or coop.

We are using only 1 mods :

1 - Pippi - User & Server Management -

We have changed the following server setting :

1 - PVP is always enabled
2 - Building damage, purges and Avatar summoning is active from 17h30 to 23h30 on Monday to Friday and from 9h00 to 23h30 on Saturday and Sunday.
3 - XP has been drastically reduced except for combat XP which was augmented.
— 3.1 - All XP reduced to 0.5
— 3.3 - Time XP reduced to 0.5
— 3.2 - Combat XP augmented to 1.5
— 3.3 - Havesting XP reduced to 0.5
— 3.4 - Crafting XP reduced to 0.5
4 - Damage done to NPC and Creature has been modified
— 4.1 Damage done by player 0.7
— 4.2 Damage done by NPC 0.7
— 4.3 Damage received by player 1.2
— 4.4 Damage received by NPC 1.2
5 - The max clan size has been set to 2.
6 - Augmented day and night cycle length by 50%

Rules are quite simple :

1 - No cheats, exploits or building spam is allowed.
2 - All other issues will have to be dealt in game. Admin will only intervene if rule #1 is not followed and proof can be given (screenshot would be appreciated).

If you want to join us, please join our discord @ https://discord.gg/GX8qU5U

Please let us know what you think.

Thank you very much,


I have updated the post with the new server setting.

Hope to see some new face on the server!!