180845 New Items

18.08.45 New Items in a script format
180845 New Items Put it in to your scripts folder & do /180845 in ao


Thank u DrUrban for the fast service :heart_eyes:

So there seems to be an error in funcoms offer description which says “Purchase a 12 month subscription to receive a Vacuum-Packed Kryoguard N-1N Armor pack which includes all eight pieces of the set”

Kryoguard was the set from last xmas, and the new one is worse stat wise :unamused:

Jingle All the Way … Any1 ? :face_with_monocle:

Nice. Where does Skroogs List drop? Also Father Time location and timer. Does he spawn a gift box to run through like other events?

Skroogs is from the last boss in the new instance mission thing. You get it from Santa leets in major cities (OA, ICC)

Ask Santaleet for a mission, and tell him you’ve already rescued his workplace. That should get you a mission at the crashed alien ship in Holes in the Wall. The final boss there is named Skroog and he can drop the list.

Is the turbo armor redeemable by all chars on RK 2019?

No, it’s 1 per account, the daily rewards have always has been like that on RK 2019

Ops sorry, mixed it up, i meant the captain anarchy armor from the sub offer, havent seen any on rk 2019.
So it seems the armor is only “redeemable” on one char, and I say “redeemable” cause you can’t redeem it actually, it spawns on the inventory of the first ton you log on after, even if it is not the toon you want the armor, and as usual there is no information about this on the account page or anywhere as usual.

Wow that’s super unreasonable…