#1931 is down again now for 3 hours


#1931 is down again for 3 hours now. Every night for the past 3 nights as soon as raiding time hits it goes down for the entire duration of raiding time. the server does cap out at 40/40. The server hangs and then people cannot get on. If it takes someone sitting here watching the forums to be able to reset the servers or someone reading the server outage reports as they come in that may be the only way to speed up the process of getting these servers online. For a fully released game, this type of outage every day will drive people away. thank you for your time.

Same for other servers, for over a week at least.

It seems like no one is going to respond. The forums have been flooded with the exact same complaint for different servers, all going down for hours at the same time each day, but no one feels the need to acknowledge it. Really makes you feel appreciated as a customer. When they want your money, they throw every promotion and influencer against the wall, but when they’ve got it, they ignore you entirely.

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