2 players looking for pvp clan

2-3 casual players are looking for a pvp clan.
we have 1000+ conan hours each, our pvp level is avarage.
please send me dm on discord, if you are interested.

(*)defenition of casual = 1-4 hours a day

Pc / ps4 / xbox ?

Hey bro we would love to have you on our server. We just launched it on 8/2/19. Three active clans about 2-3 ppl in size. End game should be interesting

If your looking for a good server I got one. Its a pvp server with very chill admins. Very nice starter pack with 3x xp and 10x harvesting coming in the next week (5x at the moment) No offline raiding and no raiding until lvl 60. Community activities such as an arena for pvp and boss battles for loot, a tower of champions, and random raidable bases scattered throughout the map. Get back to me if you are interested or join ww3 pvp server.

We are RP and PvP, Heres our link if you wanna check us out :smiley:

Relaxed PVP server wiped/started 09/09.
Some rules on raiding and clan size.
It´s x2 exp and x3 harvest with no mods.
Not looking for clan members, but am looking for players to the server.

Server is called Exiles Playground CW.