2116 pvp xbox one server

2116 server is down, any deas why

My server Official 2007 has been down for 4 hours now,as have many other servers,no idea why but i submitted a report,i would suggest you do the same :+1:

My clan mate was pvping some one on official 2116 and it just went down. No watning msg. We think that someone may be ddosing tge server,

If that is true (i hope not) then they are dosing a lot of servers,it is a shame that FunCom seem to be asleep right now,which is understandable as it’s some ungodly time wherever they are based! :sleeping:

What region are you? I’m EU. Just seeing if there is any connection going on. :thinking:

Funcom is based in Norway. Yeah 2116 pvp is an Eu server.

We are aware of this issue and currently working on resolving it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding :bowing_woman:

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Thanks for the update 2116 has been down for almost 4 hours.

Norway,nice but hopefully we can both get to play sooner rather than later :+1:

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