Official server down again within 24 hours

I play on an official EU server, pve-c # 2121.

It is totally missing currently from the list.

The night before now it also went down while I was in a dungeon fighting a boss much to my annoyance, it was showing on the list at that point but would not successfully load.

Not seen them down this much, is it a bad sign or some sort of maintenance behind the scenes?

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Think it’s a bad sign and it must be a widespread issue atm. Hopefully it gets rectified soon.

With no announcement from Funcom at all about this. It is extremely discouraging to players that all their hard work and fun can be taken away without even an update as to what happened.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that about gportal and Funcom in general. There’s no community outreach or bulletins posted anywhere about service outages or planned maintenance. They could definitely do a much better job with minimal effort.


This server I am on usually has a reasonable amount of players on it compared to other official servers, so I am thinking it cannot cope but it is not at full capacity though, out of 40 places may have up to 25 players on it at once, other times a handful.


You need to report server issues through zendesk.

P.S. scheduled maintenance is always announced in the News and Announcements section.

Last announcement was made 8 days ago so pretty sure nothing was missed by people.

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All of the EU official pve-c servers missing this morning when I looked about 30 minutes ago, can only see American servers

Yes and not only the official eu servers. A couple of Private servers are missing to.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We will get the team to look at this as soon as possible.

Currently, are you still seeing missing servers? If yes, could you please let us know the server number?


2132 is up, but there’s still 3 out of 4 missing from my favorites. Can’t recall what their numbers are.

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Server 7080 is still down and have been since yesterday, still isnt showing up after morning reset
Thanks for looking into this

Official server 2137 has been down for two days and I’ve submitted a ticket yesterday and still no word.

My main server 2733 PvE-C is also missing the last two days.

I’ve been looking for the same server it was there yesterday but it didn’t let me in. And today it’s gone.

2733 PvE-C official xbox