Server 1041 down/dont show up

the server 1041 on pve-c is either down or does not show up. anyone have any awnsers?
(i have restarted multible times including the entire PC)

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So many servers are out. Only 29 servers from the EU region are active. Including PVP, PVE, and PVE-C. ONLY 29! Rest all have just vanished. And it’s not just officials. Some random private servers are also gone. From my list of favs all my officials and one private has disappeared. Only 2 other private servers are active. And all of these are from the EU region so it’s like random purges.

strange. has any simular things happend before? Any idea on how long until it gets fixed?

From my experience, they will probably wait till 10 days are up till everyone’s bases have decayed. Then say “3x harvests for all for a day!” and roll over on their bed and pat themselves on the back saying they did a good job.

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typical. oh well. just finnished my base aswell haha.

Yes its down like about all EU servers.

report it:

Check #1041 Official server #1041 PvE Conflict - - BattleMetrics

btw sometimes zendesk response is instant sometimes it takes long.
But when all these servers are down there’s prolly something bigger going on.

#1059 was also down last night, i reported it and all the others, they seem to be back up now :slight_smile: