Server #1011 disappear

Does anyone know something about this? I can’t see anymore this server with my character :frowning: - official server #1011

I can’t see my server #1935 either. I think it has something to do with the new patch dropped today.

Same here… My favorite server, my character and my save game gone after this fking patch.
Official PVE-C. I can’t remember the number of my server :roll_eyes:

all official servers have went down for a restart. They are coming back online one by one. Just be patient.

This may take time.

There was a shutdown without warning, followed up by a patch. Then a little time after that there was a warning that the server goes down for a restart. Its taken way longer than is normal, but its still maintenance. The servers will not be gone forever.

When the server is online, you can sort the server list according to level. Then your server should show on top of the list. Try favorite it when it comes back for easier time finding it.

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My privately hosted server is stuck in a restart loop. The last lines from the log file look like this:
[2022.09.13-15.08.48:412][ 1]LogGameTweakSystem:Error: GameTweaks cache has been tampered with
[2022.09.13-15.08.48:412][ 1]LogGameTweakSystem:Warning: GameTweaks requires a restart to apply changes
[2022.09.13-15.08.48:416][ 1]LogGenericPlatformMisc: FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(0)

Keeps restarting itself. I managed to bypass that by stopping the Dedicated Server Launcher. Oddly the server window (one that says “Close this window to stop the server”) didn’t close and server stayed online. Now I can connect to it directly by IP.

Ok with no warning I getting scared…
Ty for the info

My server is #1098 and its not online yet… I feel like its been hours? Hard to keep track of surprise events.

thankfully there was the warning so Im inside my base…

What do you expect? funcom did funcom again

Thank you! :slight_smile: