Server #1043 down for days

Official server #1043 has been down for days. What’s going on? Been in contact with G-portal, their answer is that it’s on Funcoms behalf and that they have nothing to do with it nor can they do anything.

Checking “invalid servers” puts up a number of official servers, #1043 among them, is there a solve to this anytime soon?

6057 and 6055 were reported just before this. Those servers seemed to be fixed quite fast, the dev also stated that all european servers should be up and running. They’re simply not.

Both of the official EU servers I play on(1013 & 6455) are currently down along with a lot of other official servers, and while it has been a problem for some time, today it seems to be much worse than ever, they are more down than available, so yeah some info on what is going on would be nice :slight_smile: