Official server #1042 Server down


Official server #1042
From 17.00 2019/01/01 The server still online but no one can login. Im try the report system many times… nothing.
Where can we send a message if the server not working? many times happening this problem and need a great restart all the time

Pretty much you cant, funcom dont officially support the official servers.
Gportal host them and often you have better chance of asking them to roboot the servers via twitter.
But they are getting pretty annoyed with people asking them every day to do this.
Funcom dont, wont and will not offer support of these issues would be fixed alot quicker, servers have had issues since early access but still they work on performance patches that wont help because literally none of the funcom people know what its like on official servers they dont play it.

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The team is working on it at the moment. Sorry for the trouble! We put a quick update here.


for now 5 hours, impossible to connect, showing 39 players who are no more there for 5 hours. servers reported several time with official report and Nothing happens….

is there someone ? any server support working ?

aaaand. server is dead in the last hour… now can connect but cant do anything. :slight_smile:

Ohh is the problem in another servers too… nice

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