Server #1149 OFFLINE



He still has not returned after 18 hours of waiting …


20h passed allready


is it possible to have information plz ?


Same at 1150… yesterday at 8pm the server shut down. No information or any support till now. Guess we have to wait ¯_(ツ)_/¯


At the same time for the server 1149…


YO HELLOOOO FUNCOM does anyone work there?! rolling out more servers than we can manage did we? ATLEAST REPLY TO SERVERS GOING DOWN UNCOMMUNICATIVE CHHHUUUNTS… this is constructive critisisim don’t chat


Up, Funcom plz what are you doing ?


Jesus, let us atleast get an answer ? is the server fucd ? do we need to start over ? let us know its the start of a damn weekend…


funkom ffs 24h servers down i need someone to talk from the customer support now


All is fine. :nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care:


FUNCOM plz Help!!!


+1 , I’m not letting all our progress get lost, get the server back on



let us get a answhere atleast. Have funcom gone home for the weekend?


hey xero imagine how sanvanzenga or whats his name feels :stuck_out_tongue: no seriously ■■■ funcom lets go torch the place and get our money back


Something similar happened on Early Access launch, it was blamed on PingPerfect at the time I think


Ikr, guess I won’t trust official servers anymore


Mashmellow - Customer Service - 17h ago
Hi there,

Servers 1149-1151 have all currently crashed. We are working on bringing them back up as soon as we can.

thats all they told us about the situation… thats pretty sad.


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