Servers are down and no statement from Funcom

Hello there Funcom support.

I would like to ask you why you don’t respect people who gave you money for unfinished game that you call full release? Many servers are down and you only gave a statement :

,Hi there, Servers 1149-1151 have all currently crashed. We are working on bringing them back up as soon as we can’’.

I want to know what’s the situation. I wasted 50h on that server and would like to know more then that useless ,support’ statement. What is taking so long? It’s been 24h and there is countless topics on forums regarding the problem. Grow a pair and tell us what is going on? Should I forget about this server and move on or you going to fix it? Please answer so me and others can move on to next game.

Also please stop treating people who already paid you for unfinished game like morons and maybe hire more then 1 person to answer questions on forums of Conan Exiles. If I will have to wait over 20h for a response to my post I’ll lose my s***.

Kind Regards,
Disappointed Customer


I am also very unhappy
i get servers can go down and problems that can happen but
i do not get how u can ignore us for so long


You do realize, that if they stop to explain each and every detail, it takes longer - as much as 10x longer - to fix it, right?

Which is faster - jumping in and triaging and fixing your grandmother’s PC, or trying to explain to her every single mouse click you’re doing? :thinking:

Not to mention, they may need to actually figure it out - and it could be EXTREMELY complex. If it were easy, you’d have made your own game instead =)

Have patience. It’s a good time to take out that trashcan anyway.

Giving a simple statement of what is going on after servers have been offline for more then 24h wouldn’t waste more then 5 minutes of their time. Big company still no decency to inform the customer of the state of the situation. I can see you clearly don’t understand how customer service should work. I am not demanding them to fix it immediately just to give us some information.

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What bull excrement ^^ They should have a backup for every server. Even if it is a few hours back in time. Nowadays thats as easy as switching on a pc. If they do not have a backup thats simply … well cant even say what that is. If its a hardware problem which they cant solve just set up other servers with our backup and let us play on those… I cant even think of a problem which would take 24 hours to solve. OK i can think of such problems but thats no reason to let the paying customers in the dark.

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Dude there 1 freaking person who keep ddoosing 1311 server during whole raid time, couse he afraid that we someone going to raid him again, for the 6 hours - 1 dam person… We contacted with com manager JEV via Discord 4days ago, sended him proofs. But this guy keep ddoosing and no one gives a damn…

To be honest i think we are barking on the wrong tree. Those servers are hosted by gportal. I allready posted that problem there but its all the same… silence

And if some bloke in Scotland hit the transAtlantic fiber cable while dragging a line with their ship, and damaged L3’s ability to communicate between continents until they can reroute things? How should FunCom figure that out fast enough for you, not to mention fix it? (It’s happened before.)

The point is, you’re making a huge assumption right off the bat, that the problem is within their control. You’re also assuming it’s not infrastructure related - which would affect ALL servers, even backups.

Any business that wants to make money, really does want to keep their customers happy. That means they really are working on it, even if it’s not instant enough in an instant world. Conan doesn’t live in an ideal world, and neither do we.

Do some laundry. :rofl:

That’s another great point. Maybe some kid in his Mom’s basement (even if he is 43,) is DOS’ing FunCom or Gportal. Could be that NK is waving their ■■■■■ around, mad that they can’t dominate in game currency yet. So many crazy possibilities. Geoff may have tripped on a cable in the MDF for the 3rd time this morning, and had to go home to get a new shirt first.

In that case they could say >> We are sry but a ship crashed the internet << >> Yeah most of the servers are up and running fine but that is the truth…<<

True that- but honestly, the LAST time that happened? It took HOURS before IT companies new, and even longer before media stations new and reported it. Most people had no idea until sometime the next day. L3 doesn’t just jump out and run a press release either.

Ok lets assume they have some fundamental issues which will probably affect all servers in the future… So they are screwed

Until it’s fixed, yes. That was my point. So, we wait.


Yeah but if it is that severe it is a problem at the core… You cant fix core problems that easily if even…

Right. In the beginning of any issue though, they first have to identify where and what the problem is. So demanding they give information they don’t have… is petulant kindergarten demands, imo.

Once they know, they can fix it, or pause… explain it to someone else, who then hopefully understands it well enough to explain it on the forum, and then fix it. Personally, I’d rather they said “Hey we know there is a problem, get back to you…” and then focused more on fixing it, than sating my impatience.

It’s Friday. If you’re playing Conan - or trying to - you’re not at work anyway. Have a beer, mow the lawn, call your Mom, then check servers again. :wink:

people wanna come home and play the damn game they bought man not mow the damn lawn only to come back and notice the servers are still down, stop chatting your bullsh*t here

Hi there all,

I can confirm that 1149-1151 have all been turned back on. You should be able to join whenever you want.

yep its back with a huge rollback ^^ at leat for me, my complete second floor is gone … but hey, its back :slight_smile:

What turned out to be the problem? Can it happen again? Communicate, this may no longer be EA, but I sure still feels that way. Just don’t give me anything about how you don’t know cause it’s not your departement or some hoohaa

It was a server hardware failure. This is why there was a small rollback, we had to recover from backups.
It could happen again, as hardware failures do happen, but they are not very frequent. And statistically shouldn’t hit the same servers again any time soon x)

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