LMAO So Umboris closed my previous thread saying nothing productive going on in the thread. Closing it.

REALLY Umboris…How about nothing productive going on with FUNCOM fixing these server crashes. Not even a reply on my previous thread as to what was going on. It is you who is being unproductive. Give us players some answers. WE ARE ON DAY 4 NOW of this server crashing and still no answers. Most of us dedicated players can be pretty reasonable. All we are asking for is what is happening? PLEASE just give us something to work with here! Server 1516 is currently down right now.


Yep can’t connect. This sucks.


Same. Is this the 4th night in a row??


That it is. Getting absolutely rediculous. Then to have a Funcom moderator to end my thread because there was nothing productive in it. It is them that are not being productive right now. This never flew before so not sure why they are slacking now. I absolutely loved playing this game even with the current bugs. Being trying to get friends to join forever now. But if they don’t reply to the fans any more or even care to answer issues. Thinking I won’t be referring anyone to it now.

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Nothing new here. More let downs. Thanks for closing down the last thread though Umboris. It was more important to hide the truth that nobody is there over the weekend to fix our problem or simply make a phone call to reset the servers, than allow common a thread for all the other people of the server to relate to and get confirmation that it’s not just them.

You closed the thread before the problem was fixed. You do realize that don’t you? Our server is still down. Thanks though for taking the time to comment on the lack of productivity instead of giving us an update or anything remotely related to productive customer service.

“Nothing productive going on in this thread. Closing it.”

You do realize the IRONY of that statement, don’t you?


Yup! Was down Sunday for what, 6ish hours? Logged in today and played for about 3-4 then crashed while fighting. Probably lost all my stuff. Absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention we lost all that double xp time.

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I am putting posts up on as many forums I can until I get an answer. This is what the forums are for and they are blocking us out. Trying my best not to lose my temper but when they put on a post about a down server saying the thread is unproductive. I get extremly steamed as what was unproductive was that they couldn’t even comment on the down server. Not like hey sorry it is being worked on. Or Sorry we were hacked and it’s being fixed. Or we are truly sorry and we are currently working on a fix. Nope I get the big FU from Umboris and that the thread was unproductive…lmao


He said “Nothing productive going on in this thread. Closing it.”

This is the guy that was unproductive.


just submitted one of their “server issue” forms. Maybe if enough of us do it they will react. 1516 is pretty populated but maybe not enough people get on the forums etc. I only made an account because of how ridiculous this is getting.

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Where did you see these forms. I will fill out 1000 of these damn things if it means getting our server back

Thanks I found it and have submitted one.

Not sure what good it does but I also filled one out.

I’ve been filling them out all weekend. It does nothing when there’s nobody there to read them.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe if it was during normal business hours it would be different???

This may just be a stall tactic but I am willing to at least try

Possibly. They’re not run out of the States though, so I’m not sure when that would be. The server will be back up in the morning after reset, and they’ll just dust it off as resolved.

I filled it out again for what it’s worth.

Submitted one as well for yolo sakes. Does this keep happening around the same time??? Wish there was a way to vote to restart for people that have active characters.