Official Server Crashes / Lack of Support [1517, 1518, 1941, etc.]

Server 1941 PVE-C is currently down.

That said, official servers crash every single day. Can we get an official response to let us know that Funcom is looking into these issues? I have rerolled 3 times to try and enjoy the game and I can’t seem to find a stable official server.

I’m just asking for better communication and to know that we’re being heard. Many of us purchased the DLC and many of us were unable to enjoy the DLC + double experience event (if there was one) over the weekend that it was active.

See the following posts, all from the first page:



Same Radiance. 1517 is down now. It’s unfortunate we can’t have a single day without servers crashing. It’s especially worse when it crashes during prime-time hours on the weekend. Every game has it’s occasional bugs. But these crashes happen very very frequently. Shame is it’s an enjoyable game. But why pay for a game when trying to play feels like rolling a set of dice?

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1518 just went down again!

They don’t care, they have our money. I’m blown away. Can’t wait for the “nothing productive in this post” response thread lock.


I’m sorry to hear that you’ve all encountered this issue. We’re aware of these reports and we’re looking into the problem. It would appear that this is, for the most part, fixed after scheduled server restarts. Unfortunately, we still don’t know what’s causing it, so we don’t yet have a fix. We appreciate the reports and will continue investigating this for a possible solution in a future update.

Sounds about right. Wait till we restart the server = that will fix things. We may do it in an hour or tomorrow - who knows!


God this is annoying! How long do u think it will take to be back up??? I disconnected in the middle of the fkn desert on 1518… I’m done

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Come On!!! 1518 is down AGAIN. Can we get support for this? Like I just disconnected next to some mobs. So there goes my entire inventory full of my gear and thralls. Seriously! Fix the damn severs!


No one will respond

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Use the server issue reporting tool. I have had success reporting server outages and issues with this form:

Server 1507 Official is crappy latency rubber banding is constant none stop. I check many my multiplayer games make sure was not me NOPE is Not. In my Home I have Business connection & I only one uses it. I use wired connection to my desktop. I seen it happen worst once port thru Map to places… I than wait 1 min see it settles after porting thru map NOPE it just sucks on latency than rubber bands bad were must cases die many time cause of servers being so crappy. anyhoot blah blah is how it is. or Maybe Gportal is using old i386 intel from 20 yrs ago & using old floppy disk as HDD. LOL

1941 down again. Reported using the report tool as always. Regular downtime is 4-10 hours even with report.

Thank you. We do appreciate these reports. We absolutely see them, despite the fact that we do not reply to all of them. Our developers are continuing to work to improve server stability and performance.

While we wait for a more permanent fix, please continue posting these reports in the forums.

1518 Down again… friggen again…

here below you at 1517. Hopefully they are down this time because they’re being fixed permanently… a man can dream

Like honestly does ANYONE actually fcking work at funcom during the night time or do they just all go off and suck each other off laughing as we get upset. If this is going to be the case I refuse to give them anymore money and might even go back to steam and ask for refunds for the things I have bought.

With thousands of official servers, I just don’t really understand how they couldn’t anticipate these outages happening and have someone ready to respond to them promptly around the clock…Blows my mind.

Worst customer support I’ve ever seen.

Seriously? Who was worried about you seeing reports? Or reading the replies…? What we need is but a single report with some information relevant to the issues. Anyway I get it, just doing your job. Plus it’s a holiday so it’s not like anyone was expecting the server issues to somehow magically improve.

Yet another night 1518 is down. Like find a fix please. Seriously stop what you are doing and fix this problem. Your game is not playable during the night which is a big problem.


1516 down again. Weeks of this.

This is like going to a store with teenagers working…just standing around on their fuccing phones while the customers wait for service…and look at you like your the azzhole!..1517 has been down for over 8hrs