Official server #1653 PvP - Not showing up in the launcher list since around ~1PM ET

Funcom team:

Please take a look at Official server #1653 PvP. The server is not showing up in the launcher list.

I was able to update the game client, and connect to the server for about 5 minutes. After that, I was not able to access benches, and then got a server disconnect notice. Since that point, #1653 does not show up in the launcher server list. I have toggled to the Testlive version, and back again just to make sure.


exactly the same thing happened to me on Official server #1588 PvP

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Please make sure that you have reported your server outage through their reporting tool:

#1653 is now available again. Many thanks to those at Funcom who intervened! :slight_smile:

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