The official server I was playing on is not showing up

I had the official server I was playing on in my favorites and it isn’t showing anymore. Also not in history. I have all filters set to default. Can’t seem to get it. Can’t find anything on any servers being down for maintenance or anything. I am not sure exact name, it was PVE server and like #1724 or something close. Please help. I want to play so bad as I don’t get much time during the week. Thanks.

I’m in the same boat. No idea what the server number was but it was an official PVE server. It’s been missing from the list all day.

Same, i contacted g-portal and they’re telling me it’s not an Official server

Elite, in your Steam Settings, under favorites, what’s the IP for it? Does it start with 45, and end with 83?

The official server I was playing on disappeared as well. I had it save as a favorite and in my history and it hasn’t showed up for over 17 hours

Sane here. server #1806 is down for 7-8 hours now. There is a reporting tool on the support sticky section.

These forums are full of people having this issue. Can we please get some word about what the issue is or when it will be resolved?

Yeah seems to be across platforms that certain servers kicked ppl off and then disappeared. I posted on the forums and Twitter and no responses…

Its been down since about 6:30am Pacific time… I know this because the boyfriend was a lil upset :grin:

I am done with Funcom not responding…
Just found this on support forum… trying to flood them with reports because obviously they do not pay attention to forums or Twitter

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