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Hi, not sure if this is the right spot to post, adjust/move if needed.

The official servers have been completely unplayable - understood it’s from influx of players but still.

I’ve been playing on an active unofficial server for a few days and it works flawlessly.

The issue is that this is not showing up in the server list today. I understand it’s unofficial so could have an issue that can’t be helped from whoever is running it - however just looking for some clarification from the server page-

When sorting “favourites” or “history” it shows a list of 4 servers I have favourited for example not including the one I’ve been playing on. There is small subscript under “maximum ping” that indicates “Server’s 4/5”

is this accurately indicating that the server I have been playing on is recognized by this page but not being shown on the UI? reasons it is not showing other than being offline if it knows it should be there? “Show Full Servers” and “Show invalid Servers” are both checked.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

If you know that this server has not been shut down. Go to all instead of pvp pve had to do that recently to find my own server. Would not come up other wise. Good luck to you.

Hey @Odinsson

It could be that either the server is offline (due to maintenance or whatever reason) or that some filter is messing up with the results

Thanks guys for the reply… the new server I started playing on ironically has disappeared for me and I assume was shut down.

The problem the first time is that the server admin changed from a PVE -C game to PVP which I didn’t think could happen… so it was in that list (and also not the mode I wanted to play. sigh.)

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We’re sorry that this happened to your favorite server and hope you can find a more stable one soon :frowning:

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