Some Official server go missing can we get a response why

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] ps4
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can we get a explanation why some official servers show and some do not ?

is it our internet ? is it something on funcoms side ? any info please ?
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Same problem, my server isn’t showing up

Server 3747 is missing also

I Just want to understand it lol do they know about this issue ? is it our internet connection ? a bug in the software ? any response would be nice. its causing people to quit. i started over in a different server, but for others they left never to be seen again lol

SA 3985 and 3995 missing aswell…

Hey, are these issues related to the server browser or to downtime?

If it is downtime (for official servers only!), please report it here instead:

Either way, could you all please add additional details about the issue, the servers which are affected and screenshots if possible? this will resolve your reports faster :wink:

I play on server 3591 and what happens to me is the server wont show it will show 3590 3592 3594 3596 3597 3598 3599 but the server that i play on is missing completely from the list. it seems a few are missing. it will not show for hours at a time with no warning. this has been going on for weeks.i had to restart on a new server.
in the morning sometimes it is there with the rest by the afternoon it wont show again. we just want to know if its something we are doing ? or is it a bug in the ps4 program or something. how to reproduce log on serch for #359
and you will see there are some missing.

Multiple PS4 servers are updating today. Until their updates are complete, they won’t be available for play.

I’ve checked the ones mentioned in this thread and can confirm that 3747, 3985, 3995, 3591 all recently finished their updates and should be online again very soon. If they aren’t available immediately, please check again in 15-30 minutes. Thanks for your patience!

Still same issue server 3591 3592 3593 crash everyday in the afternoon down all night happend daily lol it’s almost comical

any feedback ? Are the servers crashing or is it up and i cant see it ? can we please get a response as to why this happens ? lol anything ?? something ?

No you can’t, sorry! :sweat_smile:

Can we get someone to restart the server again lol

Still no response as to what when and why stay classy funcom…lol

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