Server has been down all day

The official server 1500 has been down all day for me. I’ve tried several times throughout the day with no success. The server just isn’t coming up in the list.

According to that the server has only been up 40% in the last 7 days. That’s terrible.

On the server I play on, it wasn’t displaying, or allowing me to DC using the IP from Battlemetrics. I just searched the listing, and it appears up. Another player stated that they changed the IP at about 4am PST on ours. Maybe the same with yours.

Yep, I guess that’s what happened. Dunno why that would remove it from my favorites but it did. But it does appear to be up, just had to search for it. Thanks for the info.

but how can know the new ip ? actually its no more possible to add server on favorite under steam, because impossible to find the IP (battlemetric providing still an old ip)

The server is still in the list, it’s just removed from favorites when they switch ip. Just run a search in the game list.

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