Where did my PVP server go

It was up and running fine yesterday and now today it is gone. WTF

Ya they bug out and disappear at times, happened to 3591 once…

Try looking your server up on Battlemetrics, and then try connecting direct to your server’s IP address. Sometimes that corrects it not showing up in the list. Also, check the Invalid Server checkbox. If your server has been updated recently, your game client may also need an update to match.

Possibly it was offline and may have a new IP as per this post;

If my server went to a new ip how will i ever know which one. This is such bs. Spend all this time and they cant even notify or make a server notice before they pull this crap

From what I saw on a pic from battlemetrics is the specific IP has changed … therefore it won’t show on your favourites list. But the number is the same … Eg if you were on 1808 … then let the game do a search for all servers until it finds the 1808 with the new ip to join it.

cant you just choose from history on server list like ps4?

It doesnt show in history. I also dont remember what the server name was. i never had a reason to remember it. ARGH

Log into to each available and one will be your current character. The rest will want you to make a new character.

You can search using the server number.

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